Cartier institutes


Preserving and passing down knowledge: it is this dual mission that inspired Cartier to create its own institutes, to guarantee the education of its talented employees and ensure its expertise is passed on.


The Cartier Jewellery Institute has been committed to continuing professional development and the promotion of jewellery professions since 2002. Its aim is to maintain and develop the jewellery arts through a continuous and tailor-made training programme: nearly 500 people – employees and High Jewellery customers – are welcomed there each year.
The Institute partners with specialised schools, including the Haute Ecole de la Joaillerie. This relationship takes the form of hosting trainees, training apprentices and supporting the school as the profession evolves.
Since 2019, Cartier has been the main sponsor of the Association des Maîtres d'Arts et de leurs Élèves.


Established in 1993, the Cartier Watchmaking Institute (IHC), located in Couvet, Switzerland, supports apprentices learning all about watchmaking professions and the assembling of components. It has trained 180 people to date. Furthermore, every year the IHC hosts around a hundred employees as part of their continuing professional development or for discovery courses.