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Cartier is one of the few Maisons in the world to bring together all the crafts involved in the creation of exceptional pieces in its Jewellery Workshops, from the initial sketch to the finished piece. These craftsmen are the guarantors of a signature technique, which combines practices handed down over several millennia with the most advanced technologies, the result of a constant pursuit of innovation.

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The Cartier Manufacture is one of the few watchmaking Manufactures capable of designing, manufacturing and maintaining its watches and movements, whether they are simple or complication movements, historical or modern models.

175 crafts are represented, creating a rare balance between pioneering technology and traditional techniques. It’s a unique location that guarantees the longevity of Cartier watches by mastering every stage of production.



Cartier approaches leather goods with the eye and precision of a jeweller. Quality materials, precise movements, accurate designs: from the cutting to the preparation of the skins and the assembly of the leather goods, these Cartier creations require the utmost care. Clasps and chains use techniques borrowed from the jewellery workshops. Just like their jewels, this attention and care infuse the creations with Cartier's signature soul and precision.


Mathilde Laurent, Cartier perfumer since 2005, designs perfumes for Cartier that are worn as invisible jewellery pieces. Indeed, her remarkable mastery of the art of perfumery and its history allows her to explore the wealth of stylistic territories that Cartier occupies.
Part of what makes her unique is that she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources with a conscious decision to use natural ingredients, as well as synthetic molecules, in her compositions. Through her creations, Mathilde Laurent gives rise to new sensations, creating real olfactory surprises.