Indomptables de Cartier

Wild and untamed, the Cartier menagerie plays with a new jewellery and watchmaking collection that spurs some unexpected encounters.
This playful and creative carnival of animal representation pushes the boundaries of savoir-faire through sculptural, graphic and powerful pieces.
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Once Upon A Time…
The Wild, Wild Tales as told by Amira Casar


Aesthetic Tensions

Cartier creates daring jewellery hybrids through these strong, graphic pieces: bracelets, watches and sculptural torques featuring powerful volumes.

The Tête à Tête: A Theme Dear to Cartier

This bracelet design, inspired by ancient times, was quickly adopted by the Maison and became highly popular during the 1930s. Two decades later, Jeanne Toussaint, the creative director at the time, revived this type of piece. She promoted a naturalist approach and challenged designers and craftsmen alike to create ever more realistic interpretations of wildlife — of which the Panther is the most emblematic.

In the 50s and 60s, these head-to-head chimeras or panthers became popular again thanks to strong-willed women who embraced them with style. Then in the 1980s and 1990s, Cartier expanded the animal theme of these bracelets to include new wild animals such as the zebra and giraffe through creations in yellow gold and black lacquer, with designs that revealed a new facet of these animals that were increasingly powerful and graphic.

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The Savoir-Faire Challenges

Innovative, surprising and playful, the Indomptables de Cartier collection jewellery pieces have been the subject of many workshop hours at the Cartier design studios. A novel approach to onyx, cut to make a zebra or panther’s marking as well as diamonds, with which Cartier explores all possibilities through several stone setting techniques.