From the Latin "diamas", itself born of the Greek "adamas" or "invincible", the word "diamond" designates a pure carbon crystal, renowned for its hardness, clarity and rarity.

Symbolising a tear of the gods, the sun in ancient Egypt, the sparkle of a star in historic Greece or the manifestation of the visible world in Tibet, the diamond has always been associated with positive virtues. Its hardness has made it the emblem of perfection and power, while its transparency is associated with constancy and purity.

From the East to the West, the diamond is recognised for its many qualities: Buddhism celebrates it hardness, representing clarity and unfailing spiritual strength; Western thinking associates it with incorruptibility, innocence and wisdom whilst Christianity focuses on its light, which is the epitome of beauty and a sign of celestial wonder... Over time, certain civilisations believed the diamond had purifying virtues, that it could create other diamonds or even dispel anguish or ward off ghosts...

Today, the diamond remains the symbol of light and life, constant love, the greatest purity and sincerity.